March 6, 2023

What we learnt in our first six months at a social sector job

Six months? Really? It definitely feels longer.

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Disclaimer: No employees were harmed in the making of this piece. We think.


You have to adapt to the sector lingo very quickly, or else…

A confused man saying I don't know what scale is and at this point I'm too afraid to ask_nonprofit humour


Your nonprofit card stands to be revoked if you have never attended a conference at India Habitat Centre. Needless to say, the smallest details of the Stein Auditorium are now permanently etched into our memory.

A man given two choices as red button saying IHC and generic 5 star hotel to show nonprofits deciding where to host their event_nonprofit humour


Networking at conferences will alter your brain chemistry in unique ways. Sometimes when my mother comes to visit I greet her with “Hi, can I have your business card?”

Bernie sanders saying I'm once again asking for your business card_nonprofit humour


Sneaking up behind experts that just got off the stage becomes part of your key responsibilities.

A man sneaking behind a women and saying Hello ji_nonprofit humour


But be warned, said expert may use some terms you may have never heard of. (Pro tip: Just say ‘ecosystem development’ or ‘just transition’ anytime there’s an awkward silence.)

A woman saying weatherism, is that the word for it?_nonprofit humour


At least there’s free food at conferences. That’s such a great perk. Truly. No complaints. *cue food poisoning* *cries in no-health-insurance*.

A blindfolded woman surrounded by red flags with the image saying me searching for free food at the conference despite all the red flags_nonprofit humour


We don’t know what FCRA is but our boss says we’ll never get one. Much like a return on a public policy master’s degree.

A man (me) looking at another woman (development sector job) while walking with his partner and ignoring her (financial stability)_nonprofit humour


It can be slightly complicated to explain what we do for a living *cough*.

A man saying kehna kya chahte ho_nonprofit humour


But despite everything, the people are genuinely nice, passionate about the impact of their organisation, and love to scale their work (did we use ‘scale’ correctly?)

A colonel toad saying Gentlepeople, it is with great pleasure to inform you that we've made impact at scale_nonprofit humour

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