June 22, 2020

Building a resilient organisation: Avengers style

Recently, nonprofits have been receiving a lot of advice on building resilience. Here are lessons from Marvel as well, to help your organisation navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

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1. Have a thorough understanding of the on-ground reality…

2. …and a bold aspiration based off it

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3. Devise an optimal programme strategy to fulfil said bold aspiration

Guardian of the galaxy I have a plan_nonprofit humour_covid

4. Establish leadership to make sure that people follow this ‘part of the plan’

5. Have your financials at your fingertips, so you can tell everyone how much it costs

6. With that figure in mind, identify your ideal donor and go after them
Iron man genius, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist_nonprofit humour_covid

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7. Don’t forget to ask your board for advice (even if you don’t always heed it)

Avenger council has made a decision_nonprofit humour_covid1

8. And finally, use everything you can to hold the organisation together

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Anantvijay Singh

Anantvijay has spent the past seven years in the development sector, working on clean energy, farmers collectives, and more recently at Dasra, helping nonprofits scale. In his role at Dasra, Anantvijay provides hands-on capacity building support to organisations, helping them grow institutionally and function strategically, enabling impact at scale. He loves pop-culture, science fiction, and cats.