May 25, 2020

12 reasons I missed your webinar

Was it one of these reasons? Was it a mix of all of them? We can’t keep track.

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Feel free to use these the next time someone asks you why you weren’t there.


I told myself I would watch the recording later, but we both know that was never going to happen.


The first speaker said, “we are in this together” as he sat with a cup of tea in his expansive backyard. I had to log off to subdue my anger.


I was there, I just got so distracted looking at my own reflection in the webcam that I didn’t absorb even a minute of what was said.

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I didn’t understand the title of the webinar, so how would I have followed anything that was said in it?


There were four other webinars happening at the same time, and I couldn’t decide which one to attend, so I decided not to attend any.

cat asleep in front of computer_nonprofit humour

My computer and I decided to take some time apart. | Picture courtesy: Wallpaper Flare


I made the mistake of logging onto Twitter first thing in the morning, and haven’t been able to stop reading the news and fuelling my anxiety since.


The software asked me ‘Do you want to join the meeting?’, and honestly, I didn’t.


My computer and I decided to take some time apart.

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My headphones weren’t properly plugged in, but honestly, the fuzzy white noise I heard as a result was more calming than people saying, “am I audible?” on loop.


The self-help book I’m reading said to get rid of all the negativity in my life, so I did.


Your pre-webinar marketing wasn’t good enough to swim through my inbox tsunami.


“Connectivity issues.”

What reasons do you have for missing webinars? Tell us in the comments.

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