April 27, 2020

Day 1 vs day 30 in quarantine

The evolution (or devolution) of your habits over a month of working from home.

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1. E-mails to your manager

Day 1: “Hello! Hope your week has been going well. I just wanted to write in to let you know that I’ve edited and saved the report. Please find attached a copy of it here. If you have some time to take a look at it before I send it out, I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!”

Day 30: “Doc saved. Pls see, thx.”

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2. Conference calls

Day 1: You firmly believe that dressing for work even if you’re at home gets you into the right headspace, so you wear your favourite shirt and get ready for your video call in advance. You make sure that everyone in your house knows you’re going to be on the call, but you still stick a ‘please do not disturb’ post-it note on your door for good measure.


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Day 30: You don’t want to get out of your comfortable Star Wars pyjamas, so you hastily throw on a blazer to cover up all signs of galaxies far, far away. You move your laptop to the kitchen so that you can start prepping dinner, because you just know the call is bound to stretch beyond two hours.

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3. Workstations

Day 1: You find a chair that is equal parts sturdy with good back support, and comfortable enough to not want to move to the sofa. You find the biggest, thickest books to prop your laptop on so that your screen is perfectly at eye level and you don’t strain your neck. Your thermos with hot water and lemon sit beside you for you to sip on through the day.

Day 30: Forget the sofa, at this point, you’re horizontal on your bed, feet perched on top of the headboard, with your laptop balanced precariously on your stomach. You’ve switched out the hot water and lemon for Pepsi, but to be fair, it’s pretty warm (you refuse to make a trip to the kitchen for some ice).

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