Invaluable lessons on topics ranging from social movements, to feminism, to Bollywood lyrics.

Not long ago, we had a chance to interview development feminist activist, poet, author, and social scientist, Kamla Bhasin—and while it was every bit as insightful and inspiring as we had imagined, it was also a lot of fun.

We’ve never seen someone break down activism, feminism, and patriarchy in a way that is both serious and funny at the same time. Here are some of our favourite snippets from the conversation.

1.  On listening to the communities you work with | 1 min


2. On the importance of being a part of the larger movement | 30 secs


3. On feminism | 1.5 mins


4. On why popular notions of beauty don’t help anyone | 45 secs


5. On Bollywood lyrics | 1 min


6. On gender as perspective, not a subject | 45 secs


7. On the T.I.N.A. syndrome | 1 min


8. On starting to create change in our homes | 1 min


9. On dismantling the patriarchy | 30 secs


If you’d like to know more about our conversation, you can read it here.

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Devanshi Vaid

Devanshi Vaid

Devanshi is Co-founder and Director at IDR. Prior to this, she worked at Dasra, a strategic philanthropy foundation. As a part of the advisory research team, she conceptualised, planned and implemented their first comprehensive dissemination strategy. She was responsible for new media partnerships and was closely involved with the organisation’s efforts on digital content. Prior to Dasra, Devanshi was a news producer at Times Now, where she co-produced The Newshour–the country’s leading prime time show. She holds a BA in English Literature from Bryn Mawr College.

Rachita Vora

Rachita Vora

Rachita is Co-founder and Director at IDR. Before this, she led the Dasra Girl Alliance, an INR 250 crore multi-stakeholder platform that sought to empower adolescent girls in India. She has a decade of experience, and has spent the past eight years working in the areas of financial inclusion, livelihoods and public health. She has led functions across strategy, business development, communications and partnerships, and her writing has been featured in the Guardian, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Next Billion and Alliance Magazine. Rachita has an MBA from Judge Business School at Cambridge University and a BA in History from Yale University.

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