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Tata Steel Foundation operates across 4,500 villages in the states of Jharkhand and Odisha. The Foundation focusses on co-creating solutions with tribal and marginalised communities, to develop and implement change models that are replicable at a national scale, enable significant and lasting betterment in the well-being of communities, and embed a societal perspective in key business decisions.


shikha mandi-santhali community

April 12, 2023
India’s tribal communities are missing in popular media
India's first Santhali RJ, Shikha Mandi, talks about how media representation of tribal communities plays a crucial role in the preservation of their culture and traditions.
A still from Niranjan Kujur's Going Home_Adivasi movies are needed

March 3, 2023
Adivasis need cinema more than anyone else
Film-maker Niranjan Kujur talks about the portrayal and representation of indigenous communities in films and makes a case for more funds and festivals.
Five kids posing in front of the camera_pastoralists in kashmir

February 21, 2023
Why do pastoralists in Kashmir struggle for education?
Seasonal migration, low income, and caste-based discrimination are among the reasons why pastoral, nomadic tribes like Gujjar Bakarwals and Chopans struggle to access education.
A woman making food in a community kitchen-zero-waste cooking

February 10, 2023
Four tribes, four recipes, and much food for thought
Chefs from four different tribes in India share their recipes and discuss the threats to their food culture as they lose forests, migrate to cities, and struggle for livelihood in a changing world.
A school in Marayoor in Kerala--Malayalam

February 2, 2023
If it’s Idukki, it must be Malayalam: The language of land rights
blue, red, and green grafitti on a wall--adivasi languages

January 31, 2023
“Language is like air; we understand its relevance in its absence”
Two young Adivasi cultural activists talk about their work of conserving and digitising their languages and the challenges they face in their endeavour.
Tribal women working in the plantation field

January 27, 2023
Photo essay: The life and times of India’s tribal women leaders
From empowering women and ensuring education for young girls, to fighting for the rights of their people, here’s a look at the lives of women leaders from four different tribal communities in India.
Bhagyashri on a bike talking to people-Adivasi

January 18, 2023
A young Adivasi sarpanch in Gadchiroli fears neither Naxalites nor the cops
A day in the life of a young Adivasi woman sarpanch who alternates between helping her community with paperwork and responding to emergencies.
Two anticlock watches in a box-Adivasi

December 20, 2022
The anticlock watch: Reminder of an Adivasi way of life
Adivasi cashew farmers standing with their produce

December 14, 2022
Adivasi farmers reap dividends of cashew FPO
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