June 14, 2021

Six comics that have been getting us through

A dose of serotonin for your Monday morning.

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1. The Tap Stories

Comics, illustrations, and writing by Ramya Sriram about growing plants, existential crises, rainy days, and more. | View more on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and their website.

A cartoon panel about a kid and a mother as the child grows older. In the first top two frames, the mother tells the child during their childhood and teen years to no go gallivanting. In their adulthood, in the third bottom left frame, as her child is about to go on a big solo trip, the mother remarks that they are always gallivanting. The last frame, on the bottom right, is set during the COVID-19 pandemic where the mother calls their child to tell them to not go gallivanting. Here, the child replies "You win"-feel-good comics
Picture courtesy: The Tap Stories/Ramya Sriram

2. Poorly Drawn Lines

A comic strip by Reza Farazmand that’s updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. | View more on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their website.

A five frame comic strip between a light grey creature and a dark grey bird. The light grey creature says, "I think I'm going to start trying". The dark grey bird, in reply, asks, "Your hardest?". To this the light grey creature replies, "Whoa whoa whoa". The dark grey creature then asks again, "Somewhat hard?" to which the light grey creature replies "Whoa whoa whoa whoa" repeatedly with their hands up near their face-feel-good comics
Picture courtesy: Poorly Drawn Lines/Reza Farazmand

3. Green Humour

Comics, cartoons, and illustrations by Rohan Chakravarty on wild animals, wildlife and nature conservation, environment, sustainability, and all things green. | View more on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and their website.

A comic about two bees staring at other bees on a hive and remarking that here we are trying to teach mankind that socialism and capitalism can be combined to make something sweet, but that all they see is honey-feel-good comics
Picture courtesy: Green Humour/Rohan Chakravarty

4. Strange Planet

A comic strip by Nathan W Pyle. | View more on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

A comic strip between two creatures. The first creature, on the left, asks the second creature, on the right, who is wearing a band around their head and on their hands, whether they are in pain. To that, the second creature replies "Yes". In the second frame, the creature who is sweating and wearing a band around their head says, "I push myself up to let myself down". In the third frame, this creature says, "I'm up to 50 letdowns a day". In the last frame, the other creature, who has been listening, replies, "So many letdowns". To this, the creature to the right replies, with their left hand raised, "I have acclimated to it"-feel-good comics
Picture courtesy: Strange Planet/Nathan W Pyle

5. Gemma Correll comics

Gemma is a British cartoonist and illustrator currently living in California. | View more on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their website.

A poster titled beauty and the bleach. A lady with a cloth in her right hand, cleaning a black table, says to a bottle labelled chlorox, "Can you please stay quiet". On the black table, there are red spills as well as a smiling cup and a kettle-feel-good comics
Picture courtesy: Gemma Correll

6. Catana Comics

A comic strip based on the life of a couple living in upstate New York. | View more on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and their website.

A four frame comic about a couple where the man to a woman says he can just tell that that woman is stressed-feel-good comics
Picture courtesy: Catana Comics

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