December 18, 2017

Your nonprofit Christmas wish list

This year, we started making a wishlist for a #nonprofitchristmas. And then it hit us: why not approach our readers to crowdsource ideas? So that’s what we did. And as expected, you did not disappoint.

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nonprofit Christmas

People to stop asking me: do you earn a salary? – Jinal Sanghavi 

I want donors to suddenly decide that their reporting formats are too complicated and just ask for a 1-pager. – Laurette Cucuzza

I want people to stop asking me to take up a “real” job and do “social work” on weekends. – Ravneet

Relatives who understand what I do. – Anindita Ravikumar

Nationalised education system. Is that to much? Permanent office and printer would be nice. Raghav Sagar

Funders and nonprofits role-swap for a month. – Harish Srigiriraju

All I want for Christmas is a happy ending to this story: “Dear FCRA, main aur mera program, aksar ye batein karte hain. Tum hoti to kaisa hota…” – Arjav Chakravarti 

More people working in the social sector. – Swapneel Rane 

Dear Santa, This Christmas I want a Logical Logic Model please! – Amira Shah Chhabra 

Also more IDR articles by Arjav Chakravarti – Karan Malik

Real coffee with real milk in office.  ? #CappucinoDreaming – Ingrid Srinath

An intern. – Aditi Seshadri

A 10 day break every quarter! – Pooja Taparia

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nonprofit Christmas

I want unrestricted funding. And World Peace of course…  ?  – Zarir De Vitre

15% overheads. No questions asked. – Kusum Mohapatra

That unending supply of caffeine be allowed as a budget line item. – Sidrah‏

Unrestricted funding. – Safeena Husain

This Christmas I want to understand why I do what I do for a living. – Anand Raj

* Disclaimer: This is a shortlist compiled from the responses we received. 

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